Chlorophyll content estimation in oregano leaves using a portable Chlorophyll meter : relationship with Mesophyll thickness and leaf age

Marcos Sebastian Pereyra, Vanina Davidenco, Selva Beatriz Núñez, Juan Alberto Argüello


Chlorophyll meter CCM 200 plus capacity to estimate total leaf chlorophyll content (Chl) in Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum was evaluated. This study aimed to elaborate a calibration model adapted to the species and evaluate the effect of mesophyll thickness and leaf age on the readings. This research included a wide range of chlorophyll concentrations, mesophyll thicknesses and leaves from different layers within the plant. Thus good estimates of total chlorophyll content were obtained with this meter, although it was less accurate in mature leaves, which have higher values of chlorophyll content and mesophyll thickness. As mesophyll thickness increases, spongy parenchyma develops more than other anatomical structures, modifying the leaf optical properties and increasing the variability of the readings. The best fit was obtained with a logistic equation [Chl=0.343/(1+1.925(-0.069x))], adapted to a broad data ranges and any leaf typology, according to ontogenetic age and position in the plant.

Palabras clave

origanum vulgare; CCM 200 plus; thickness index; spongy parenchyma

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